3 Tips for Attracting Smarter Staff

Life is simply far too short to be BORED or MISERABLE (or both) as we spend such a large portion of our life working. You deserve to have a job that fulfils you, that taps into your passions, that brings you joy for the most part, anyways.

Attracting Smarter Staff involves so much more than employing a HR Manager.

Here are 3 Tips we deploy at Vanguard Freadman

1. Leveraging Existing Employees

It is widely accepted that employee advocacy is very crucial for branding, marketing, and business development. The same logic surely applies to recruitment? Our Smarter staff are our most powerful force for attracting Smarter talents.

2. Creating a Culture that Captivates Smarter Talents

With so many work places suffering from TOXIC cultures I suggest adopting the following approach:

  • Transparent Leadership.
  • No space for victim mentality.
  • Maintain empathy, excellence and respect.
  • Encourage innovation and collaboration.

3. Build a Living Legacy

Living legacies are not just left behind, they are being lived every day and will continue to always thrive.

Taking action every day, we collaborate with our clients  to build living Legacies. We all have the ability to create impact, we see this through design, families, wealth, companies and charity.

Whatever you want your legacy to be, don’t wait till you leave this world forever to have it realised.

our smarter staff  work in smarter offices  with smarter consultants  on smarter projects.

“We must exceed our client’s expectations, there is no room for complacency”

Co-Founder and Principal

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