Vanguard Freadman tips for home schooling during lockdowns

Many of our Vanguard Freadman staff are facing the prospect of homeschooling their children for the first time or for a long time. Some schools have provided full online programs, while others are providing guidance and resources.  It is a real challenge and we recently asked our staff if they had some good tips we could share with our community.

We’ve collated our top tips and research for homeschooling, hopefully you find at least one of these tips creative and helpful.

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NSW 2021 Class 2 regulations, a helpful summary

Lodgement of Designs and Compliance Declarations

Under the all new Regulations, our clients are required to lodge certain documents at different stages throughout the construction process. Lodgement is made through the NSW Planning Portal. The portal will therefore operate as a central register for designs and declarations relating to construction work carried out on and from 1 July 2021.

In this blog we will summarise some of the key documents that need to be lodged, and the time for lodgment, are as follows:

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VIP Clients Questions?

Our Vanguard Freadman family is renowned as being rich in experience, having delivered multiple legacy aviation projects.

Working with us consistently our VIP clients have complete confidence in our expertise and have entrusted us with multiple repeat projects.


Revit 2022 Our top 3 new features

It’s hard to believe  we are talking about Revit 2022!

In this blog the Vanguard Freadman team is going to be brave enough to give you our top 3 new features.

There are so many new and improved features in the 2022 release for Autodesk® Revit®, and I assure many will have differing opinions to us.

Our staff have come up with the following list:


3 Tips for Attracting Smarter Staff

Life is simply far too short to be BORED or MISERABLE (or both) as we spend such a large portion of our life working. You deserve to have a job that fulfils you, that taps into your passions, that brings you joy for the most part, anyways.

Attracting Smarter Staff involves so much more than employing a HR Manager.