VIP Clients Questions?

Our Vanguard Freadman family is renowned as being rich in experience, having delivered multiple legacy aviation projects.

Working with us consistently our VIP clients have complete confidence in our expertise and have entrusted us with multiple repeat projects.

 Put simply Economies of scale are cost advantages reaped by companies when production becomes efficient.

Around 80% of our project work is completed on a fixed fee arrangement. We do however allow our VIP clients to complete projects with us on a time charge / retained team basis.

Vanguard Freadman economies of scale.

Economies of scale are an important concept for any business in any industry and represent the cost-savings and competitive advantages larger businesses have over smaller ones.

So when our VIP client asked for an acknowledgement of economies of scale for a retained team of above 50 staff, we workshopped together what our collaborative partnership will look like and how we can best share the economies.

Imagine working with a collaborative partner who workshops economies and is laser focussed on using the best software, and technology on your modelling requirements.

Working with the best practices and firms around the globe, on some of the most iconic, legacy projects, has not bound us to the rules of the past.

We’ll always look for ways to innovate, reduce workload and add profitability.

“We must exceed our client’s expectations, there is no room for complacency”

Co-Founder and Principal

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